The transition from summer to autumn is one of my favourites. I love cosying up, lighting the fire, cooking roasts and picking apples straight from the tree to make a warming crumble for afters. Every year my mum always makes an autumnal wreath for their front door and now we’ve got our own little house I can finally join her! Here’s a step by step on how I made my gorgeous autumnal wreath.

You will need;
– a wire wreath base
– moss (we collected ours from the garden but you can it buy online)
– good quality brown string
– secateurs and scissors
– foliage


Foraging for foliage
I’m really lucky as my parents have a large garden and field so we can collect a vast array of different plants and foliage right outside the door. We used a base of mostly ivy and purple leaved plum then layered it up with all sorts from hydrangeas to buddleia seedheads and blackberries but you can really just go with what you’ve got!


Making your base
Once you’ve collected all your materials you can start making the base of your wreath. Tie a piece of string to the top of your ring with a one inch tail then, zig zag your string around and tie off where you started – no need to cut the string. Next grab a large wodge of moss and compress into a short, fat sausage shape. Place on your ring next to the string tie and wrap three times. Continue this process around the ring, overlapping each section a little to make a firm base. Tie the string off but again no need to cut.

Now it’s time to start adding the foliage. Make little bunches of your chosen foliage, focusing on creating texture with a nice variation of colour. Its best to get a balance of leafy texture with smaller more intricate pieces too. Create your first bunch and cut the ends to make them neat. Place your bunch to the left of your string on a diagonal, ends facing to the right. Wrap twice nice and tightly with the string. Create your next bunch and overlap the first bunch to hide the ends, continue around the ring, wrapping each bunch three times, pulling the string nice and tight.

Tie your string off with the little tail you left at the start and you’re done!

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